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    Bidding Now Open  & Starts Closing Tuesday May 3rd @  10:00 AM EST 

    Complete Liquidation of Pace Tool & Engineering, INC

    2675 Grissom Street Columbus, IN. 47203



    • (4) HH Roberts CNC Machines (6) Kurt D675 Vises
    • Okuma LR15 Lathe & Rosemont RF8-2.5 Tumbler 
    • (2) Okamoto Linear PFG618 Surface Grinders
    • Chicago Steel W30 Brake & Pexto 137-K Foot Shear
    • Pedistal Drill Bit Sharpner & Grinders, Floor Drill Press
    • Bench Vises, Hand Tools,Power Tools, Air Compressors,Shop Carts, Shelving, Pallet Racking
    • Cat GC25 Forklift 5k Capacity, 132" Max Height, 6832 Hours 
    • 2 Ton Gantry Crane w/ Coffing Hoist

    (2) Wilton 410 C Clamps , (2) Wilton 408 C Clamps , (3) Wilton 406 C Clamp, (2) JH Williams C Clamps, (2) Wilton 406 C Clamp, (2) Wilton 404 C Clamp, (2) Dircraft 404 C Clamp, (2) Dircraft 404 C Clamp, NO. 1 Arbor Press, Larin 6 Bench Vise , Reed 204 1/2R Bench Vise , Reed 4 Bench Vise , Wilton Vise, Milwaukee Drill Press , (3) Heavy Duty C Clamps, (3) Kant Twist , Vernier Caliper Ruler Wooden Case, Arbor Press, Hand Tools, Hand tools , Stanley Socket Set , Box of Casters, Rolls of sandpaper , Minolta XG1 Camera w/ Rokkor-x 100-2200 mm lens, Turn table , 24" Creaent Wrench , (2) 24" Bar Clamps , (2) 24" Bar Clamps , 13 Pc Long Arm Hex Key Set , Box of files , Center Drill Champer Bits , Drill Bits , Reamer Bits , Box of Hex Keys , Box of Hex Keys, Files, Taps , End Mill Bits , Mud & Sanding Tools, Drill Bits , Porter Cable Drywall Screw Gun, Astral 36"x24"x6" Precision Granite , 24" x 18" x 4" Granite , Air Hose , Extension Cords , Rotary Table , Troyke MFD Co R12 Rotary Table, LW Chuck Co. , Rockwell 3JR Hardness Tester , Dumore Tool Post Grinder , Various Size Standard Short/Long Hex Key , Various Size Metric  Short/Long Hex Key, Werner 8' Ladder , Keller 6' Ladder, Werner 4' Ladder , Cress C1228/942 HeatTreat Furnace , Harig Air Flo Fixture for endmills & Milling cutters, End Mill Bits, End Mill Bits , Tabs & End mill Bits , Miss End Mill Bits , , Threading Dies and Handles, Taper Shank Drills, Taper Shank Drills , Taper Shank Drills and Broaches, Taper Shank Drills, MTC portelvator  , Kurt D675 percision machine vise, MTC portelvator  , MTC portelvator  , 12" BTC 4 Jaw Chuck, 32"x30"x33" Tote, 48"x29"x33" Steel Cart, 40"x24"x32" Steel Cart, 51"x33"x32" Steel Cart, 42"x30"z34" Steel Cart, 60"x30"x35" Steel Bench, (2) Steel Sawhorses, (2) Steel Sawhorses, (2) Steel Sawhorses, Large Cart of Hardware, 40"x36"x34" Workbench, Economy Lift Cart, Hamilton Portelvator, 34"x32"x24" Steel Cart, Banding Tool and Cart, 48"x24"x34" Steel Cart, 60"x30"x40" Workbench, 5' Steel Workbench, AMROX DG20 20 Ton Hydraulic Press, TESA Micro-Hite 3-D Measuring Machine, Various Black Iron Pipe, Ball Valves, Copper Tubing, Misc, Scotch Brite Pads, Mini Lathe, Rivets, Misc Hardware, 18" Arbor Press, Hardware Orgainzer Bins, Fuses, Regal Steel Cart , 5C Collet, Diamond Wheel Dressers, Sine Bars, Angle Plates, V Blocks with Clamps, Magnetic Holding Blocks, Angle Plates, Adjustable Die Racks, Oiler with Pump, Misc Lathe Tooling, Husqvarna LGT2654 Mower , Cat GC25 Forklift , Air Compressor, Quincy 310 Air Compressor , 2 Ton Gantry Crane w/ Coffing Hoist , Wilton Challenger 3/4HP Pedestal Grinder , Dares 1/3HP Drill Sharpener ,  2001 HH Roberts 4VK61 Vertical Milling Machine, 2003 HH Roberts 5GL Vertical Milling Machine, 2001 HH Roberts 4VK Vertical Milling Machine, The E.A.Kinsey Drill Press,  King 16 Speed Floor Drill Press , Chevalier 2040 MV CNC Milling Machine , OKUMA LR15 Lathe , Dimco - Milano TR N1 Radial Arm Drill, Kaltec UMB 250 , , , , Kurt D675 Precision Machine Vise, Kurt D675 Precision Machine Vise, , Kurt D675 Precision Machine Vise, Kurt D675 Precision Machine Vise, , Rosemont RF8-2.5 Tumbler , Chevalier Accugrind 618SP Surface Grinder , Okamoto Linear PFG618 Surface Grinder , Cabinet & Various New Grinding Wheels , Various New Grinding Wheels, Roto Clone Type D Vac System , D Mag , 220 3 Phase 480 3 Phase transformer , 12"x15" Surface Plate , Angle Plate , Pexto 137-K Foot Shear , Chicago Steel W30 Bending Brake , Trinco 36/BP Sandblaster, Vernco Combination Sander, , Black & Decker Bandsaw, 46" Workbench, 6' Workbench, 80" Workbench, 3 10'-3" Steel Shelves, 2 10'-3" Steel Shelves, Steel Tip Dumpster, 12'x1" Bandsaw Blades , 2 Wheel Hand Dolley,  Diamond Plate Sheet 48"x29", Shop-Vac, Drill Bits, Boring Bars, Oil Cans, Heil Coils, Misc Hardware, Misc Hardware, (5) Red Toolboxes 14"x6" and Tool Bin with Misc Tools, Boring Heads, Dust Collector, Keyway Broaches, Volt meter, Jack, Misc Hardware, Radius and Angle Dresser, Chamfer Tools and V Blocks, Tap and Die Handles, Morris Taper Sleeves, Tapered Reamer Site?, Jacob Chuck and Keys, Tap and Die Handles, (2) Jacob's Chucks, De-Sta-Co Clamps, Compression Tension Tapping Chuck, 6' Workbench, 6' Workbench, Center Punches, Letter and Number Stamps, Flat of Collets, Flat of End Mill Bits, Bin of Files, Drill Bit Index, Angle Plates, Collets, Walker Ceramax Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Harig Grind All , 2 Angle Plates, Scale, Gas Can, Cutting Oil, Misc. Fittings, Gauges, Hardware, Tool Box, Misc. Fittings, , Steel Coil Shims, Eye Bolts, Die Swivel Lifting Brackets, Chucks, 2 Angle Plates, Large Live Center For Lathe, Dremel w/ Bits, Dremel in Case, Lifting Chain w/ Hooks, Lifting Chain w/ Hooks, Various Lifting Straps, , Steel Shims in Case, Regulators & Collets, Trouble Light, Gauge Pins,, Gauge Blocks in Case, Toolmax 4" 3 Jaw Chuck, Irwin Tap & Die Set, Hand Tools, Rivet Kit, N95 Masks, 4 Sets of Gauge Pins in Cases, 4140 Steel Blocks, A2 Steel Blocks, D2 Steel Blocks, Cold Rolled Steel Blocks, All Thread, Steel Blocks, Hot Rolled Steel Blocks  and Plate, Sheet Metal, Various Metal Bars, Tubing, Plastic Blocks, Laminating Resin, Various Plastic Blocks, Various Angle, Tubing Pieces, Aluminum Blocks, Plate, Bars, Various Steel Tubing, Bars, Plate, Various Steel Bars, Plate, Etc, Brass & Copper Bars, Pieces, Large Selection of Various Steel Tubing, Angle, Bars, , Adjustable Steel Organizing Rack, Shelving, Vidmar 7 Drawer Cabinet, Vidmar 8 Drawer Cabinet, Steel Cabinet, Die Springs, Die Springs, Die Springs, Die Springs, Spring Cans, Various Drill Bits, Pry Bars & Tool Box, Dillon Dynamometer, Dillon Dynamometer, Dillon Dynamometer, Belt Sander, Angle Grinder, Drill, Dremel Bits, End Mill Bits, Bolt Sizing Guides, Tap & Die Set (Missing Pieces) , Hardware Organizers, Large Pins & Bushings, Pneumatic Actuators, Budget 2 Ton  Hoist, Inserts, Tap / Drill Indexes, Dremel Bits, Sanding Discs, Drill Bits, Drill Bits, Drill Bits, Cart of Allen Head Hardware, Parallels on Cart, Pallet of Various Hardware, Soldering Gun, Ballast, Various Electrical Supply and Hardware, Electrical Cords, Oil Cans, Hydraulic Oil, Pallet of Various Hoses, 3 Antique Wood Crates, 4 Wheel Steel Cart, Bin of Casters, , , Pallet Racking, Steel Cabinet, Steel Cabinet, Steel Cabinet, Steel Cabinet, Lista Steel Computer Cabinet, Kelvinator Refrigerator, 3 File Cabinets, 2 Microwaves, 2 8' Folding Table, Wood Shelves, , Epson SC-T3170 Printer, 4' Wide Table, Steel Cabinet, Office Furniture, Desks, Various Chairs, Wood Shelf,

    Additional Information

    Auction Preview: By Appintment Only 

    Auction Pick up: Wednesday May 4th 1PM-6PM; Thursday May 5th 9am-2PM

    Auction Terms: Items Located at 2675 Grissom Street Columbus, IN. 47203.  All Payments Due by Thursday May 5th @ 2:00PM EST.  All descriptions believed accurate but not waranteed. * Bidder inspection is encouraged. * By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. * All Items Sold AS-IS no warranty guaranteed! * The auction company reserves the right to reject any bid at our sole discretion. *15% Online Buyers Premium on a PER ITEM basis.  All statements made the day of auction take precedence over all written matter. All Removal of items are at the buyers risk, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS Auctioneers License: Josh Krueckeberg (AU19800008 AC31500055) 

    Don Coombs  Pace Tool & Engineering, Inc - Owner

    Josh Krueckeberg Owner, Realtor & Auctioneer