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    Bidding Now Open & Starts Closing Tuesday July 26th @ 10:00 AM EST 

    10700 N 750 E Ossian, IN 46777

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    CNC Machines, Bridgeport Mills, Mill Vises,  Gringers, Drill Press, Bench Vises, Clamps, Engine Stand, Arbor Press, Clark Forklift, Pallet Jack, Workbenches, Miller AC/DC Welder, Hand Tools, & Much More! 


    C Clamps, C Camps, Stamp lot, Tool Flat, 2 Flats and Toolbox, Sockets, Allen Wrenches, 2 Flats, Grinding Fixture Set, Oil Cans, Bungees, Gauges, Plastic Shim Stock, misc, Surface Gauge, Hole Punch, 3 Flats, Coolant Tank, Vintage Mop Bucketd, Table And Contents Under Table, Magnetic Transfer Set Up Blocks, 5c Collet Blocks and Index, V Blocks , Angle Block Set , Sine Bar With Angle Plates, Set Up Blocks , V Blocks , Angle Plate, Set Up Bar, large calipers, granite plate, Mill vise, Drill Press, Clamps , Tools , Demagnetizer , Table , Renishaw 3r system, Torch Kit with Misc, Ballast Lot, Pneumatic cylinders, valve, Edm tooling, Cabinet with contents, Mold tooling, Flats of endmills, Graphite Edm Tools, Drill Chucks, Drill Chucks, Vise, R8 Face Mill, Bench grinder, Angle Plates, 5 Flats, Quill Master, 2 Flats, Boring Heads, 2 Flats, 9in Rotary Table, 15in Rotary Table, Hold Downs, Misc, Paint Gun, Tin Snips, Rivet Gun, Come Along, Wood Toolboxes , 6ft Workbenches , EDM Tooling, Steel Tooling , Multiple Flats , 6ft Workbench With Contents, Gas Cans & Oils , Cart, Boat Motor On Sawhorse , Cabinet & Contents , Toolbox W/ Contents, Hold Down Clamp Sets , Organizers W/ Fastners, Pedestal Grinder, Plastic Material, Steel Material, Cart & Contents, Rack w/ Contents , Air Tools , 3 Flats, Grease Guns, Misc., Plywood , 2 Desk , Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Cart, Cart, Garage Supply, Tools. Misc, , Outdoor Garden Tools , 2 Chairs, 2 Stools, Chair, 2 Stools, Moving Dollys , Stereo Equipment , Extension Cords & Pump, Hubcaps & Batteries, First Aid Cabinets, Display Cart, Metal Table, Pots & Misc, Table, 3 Radios , Salamander, Jack & Jack Stand Lot, 4 Toolboxes, Copper Tubing, Gage Block Sets, Light Equipment, Workbench, Light & Magnifying Glasses, cabinet without contents , Contents of shelf, Contents of shelf, Contents of shelf, Contents of shelf, Contents of shelf, Steel Tooling , Round Stock, Step Ladder, Step Stool, shop lightsx6, Steel Material, Stage Lights, Workbench, Cabinet W/ Contents, 55 Gallon Barrels , Desk, Hurco EDM, Eltee Pulsitron EDM, Charmilles EDM, Contents Of Room, Bridgeport CNC mill with tooling, Starrett Comparator , Millport Mill, 6in Mill Vise, Bridgeport Mill, Index Milling Machine, Mill Vise, Workbench, Bridgeport Mill, Drill Press with Tapping Head, Bridgeport mill, 6in mill vise, Bridgeport Shaper attachment , South Bend Lathe, 5c Collet Set, Flat of Lathe Tooling, Cadillac Lathe, J&L Comparator , Fan and Trion Electric Air Cleaner , Grob Bandsaw, Wilton Bandsaw, Contents of Room, Sandblaster, Pedestal Grinder, Tool Grinder, Belt Sander, Drill Press, Tank Caps, Chop Saw , Work Bench , Scale, OD Grinder, Lathe, Press Frame, Grinders Buffers on Stand, Oxy Fuel Hoses, Gauges, Torch, Cincinnati Grinder, Totes, Tanks, Misc Along Wall, Miller AC/DC Welder, Lincoln Tombstone , Welding Electrodes, Misc, Clamps, Vise, Machine Parts, Galvanized Duct Work Parts, Grinder, Briggs and Stratton 3hp x2, Kiln , Work Bench , Everything Under Workbench , Tiller, Republic Surface Grinder, Harig Surface Grinder, Mitsui Surface Grinder , Kent Surface Grinder, Cabinet, Holland's Bench Vise, Wilton Bench Vise, Magnetic Chuck, Micro Vu Comparator , Contents of Room w/o Air Compressor , Arbor Press , KO Lee Indexing Fixture, Misc Tools, Grinding Wheels and Misc, Precise Milling Machine, Small Arbor Press, Workbench with Contents Below, 4ft Workbench, Tank, Pallet Jack, Shopvacs, 4in Mill Vise, 6in Mill Vise, 4in Drill Press Vise, Tote With Electrical Connectors, Flat of Tools, Toolbox with Large Wrenches and Misc, Gooseneck Hold Downs, Items North Side of Workbench, 8ft Workbench, Engine Stand, 16 Speed Drill Press, Duracraft Drill Press, 55 Gallon Barrel Stand, 80 Gallon Air Tank, Die Sets, Crankshaft, Car Stands, Wood Extension Ladder, Lift Cart, Oil Cans, Pick Up Tool, Workbench, Drawers with Contents , 4 ft Workbench , Digital Scale, Workbench , Bench Top Drill Press, Injection Machine Parts, Lawn Mowers with Snowblower, Clark Forklift, Gantry Hoist, Garden Tools, Chain, Pump, Contents of Room, Plastic Grinder , Injection Molder, Electric Control Box, Plastic Beads,

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    Auction Preview: Thursday July 21st 3-5PM EST 

    Auction Pick Up: Wednesday July 27th 10-2PM EST & Thursday July 28th 10-4PM EST 

    Auction Terms: Items Located at 10700 N 750 E Ossian, IN 46777. All Payments are due by Thursday July 28th by 2PM EST. All descriptions believed accurate but not waranteed. * Bidder inspection is encouraged. * By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. * All Items Sold AS-IS no warranty guaranteed! * The auction company reserves the right to reject any bid at our sole discretion. *15% Online Buyers Premium on a PER ITEM basis. Indiana Sales Tax Will apply in titled items, $35 Title processing fee PER TITLED ITEM. No duplicate titles will be issued. All statements made the day of auction take precedence over all written matter. All Removal of items are at the buyers risk, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS Auctioneers License: Josh Krueckeberg (AU19800008 AC31500055) 

    Keith McBride Estate- Tiffany Simmons PR