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    Online Only Woodworking Business Liquidation Auction

    Bidding NOW Open & Starts Closing Tuesday June 21st @ 10:00 AM EST

    *Complete Liquidation of LAMINQUE, INC.*

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    CNC Machines, Mills and Panel Saws, Table Saws, Routers, Power Tools, Hand Tools and much more!

    Routers- (1) Porter Cable (2) Makita , Routers- (1) Hitachi (1) Bosch  (1) Freud, Routers- (1) Porter Cable (1) Bosch , Routers- (2) Bosch (2) Porter Cable, Assorted Power tools- Staple Guns, Jig Saws, Routers, Heat Guns (Working), Routers- Routers, Heat Guns, Etc., Cordless Tools- Screw Guns, Jig Saws, Batter Kits, Misc. Tools- Drill Bits, Wrenches, Chisels, Screw Box, Hard Hat, Misc. Tools- Hammers, Mallets, Wrenches, Rollers, Hole Saws, Assorted Tools- Solid Surface Glue Gun, Hard Hats, Welding Mask, Pneumatic Wrench, (3) Orbital Sanders, Assorted Tools- Complete Threading Kit, Screw Drivers, Hammers, mallets, Wire Cutters, Level, Hinge Drill Press- Grass Eco Press M1B (non operational), Power Feeder- Delta 36 850, Wood Biscuits    , Tools & Accessories- Glue Guns, Belts, Air Duct Parts, Screw Box, Assorted Air Hoses- Quantity 6, Electrical Chords & Air hose- Electric (6) with power outlets(2) Air hose (1), Power Saw- Festool Kit (with guide), Hitachi Chop Saw- Hitachi, Chop Saw- Hitachi, Chop Saw- Bosch (cordless) Not Operational, Chop Saw- Bosch (cordless) Not Operational, Chop Saws- Bosch (cordless) Not Operational | DeWalt Not Operational, Plastic Tub- Locking, Craftsman Tool Box- Misc. Wrenches, Drill Bits Included, Craftsman Tool Box- Misc. Tools Included, Medium Clamps- Cart not included, Large Clamps- Cart not included, Rolling Cart- Clamps not included, Belt Sanders- Porter Cable, Bosch, Power Tools- Biscuit Joiner, Belt sander, Power Sanders-Bosch, Festool, Biscuit Joiner-Porter Cable, Pneumatic Tools-Staple / Nail Guns, Orbital Sander, Pneumatic Tools-Staple / Nail Guns, Orbital Sander, Pneumatic Tools-Staple / Nail Guns, Orbital Sander, Rolling Seat-DuraLast , C-Clamps              , Medium Squeeze Clamps               , Large Squeeze Clamps  , Squares and T-Squares , Assorted Grease Guns | Pumps    , Bar Clamps-Cart not included, Flat Cart- Bar Clamps not included, Plastic Tape Bander- With Crimping Tool, Flat Rolling Cart           , Misc. Tools & Accessories- Electrical, Pneumatic, Fan            , Fan      , Fan      , Fan      , Fan      , Fan      , Wet/Dry Vacuum-Shop-Vac, Flat Rolling Carts- Quantity 4, Rolling Cart        , Dry Wall Cart   , Green  2-Wheel Cart       , Black  2-Wheel Cart      , Red  2-Wheel Cart         , Green  2-Wheel Cart- with additional Blue Frame, Push Brooms        , 2 Wheel Cart Red           , Dry Wall Cart- Orange, Dry Wall Cart- Orange, Dry Wall Cart- Orange, Dry Wall Cart- Red, Dry Wall Cart- Orange, Flat Cart- Cart, Pallet Jack- CAT, Flat Rolling Cart- Cart , Vending Machine- Snack & Drink Not Operational, Straps         Approx. 23, includes container, Straps     Approx. 22, includes container, Saftey Harness            - Yellow, Flat Cart            , Fan      , Chop Saw- Bosch, Table Saw- PowerMatic 66, Dowelling Machine- Omal 900, Drill Press Machine (Hinge)- Grass Eco Press M1B, Transformer- 3 Phase (Specs in Photo), Metal Band Saw- Central Machinery, Laminate Slitter Mar-Bel 1994, Drill Press - Delta, Industrial Sander- Delta X5, Grass Drawer Drill/Press- Eco Press M1B, Grass Drawer Press- Eco Press, Grass Hinger Drill/Press             Eco Press, Countertop Miter Saw- Midwest Automation 5033, Conveyer Belt- Interlake 10' long, Conveyer Belt- Interlake 10' long, Industrial Sander- Baldor Motor (Table Included), Vacuum Pump- Busch, Table Saw- PowerMatic 66, Drill Press- 5/8" Chuck Wood Stand included, CNC Milling Machine- Busellato Jet 2000, Hydraulic Lift Table Blue-Advance Production Tools, Computer Assisted Panel Saw- Giben Prismatic 1998, Self-Dumping Hopper- Wright, Sliding Power Saw- SCM , Table Saw- PowerMatic 66, Dust Collection Unit- ReesAir, Air Tank- Ingersoll Rand, Hydraulic Lift Table Red   Yellow 4 x 10 table top with rollers, Air Compressor               Ingersoll Rand 175 PSI 120 Gallon, Computer Assisted Panel Saw- Giben Prismatic 1995, CNC Milling Machine- Busellato Jet 6000XL 2002, Edge bander- Biesse Akron 246 Problem with Heat Tank and Vertical Motor, Case Clamp- Pneumatic Holzer 1516, Air Compressor- Kaeser AS 25 Sigma, Air Dryer- Zeks Premiere, Air Tank- 400 Gallon, Air Tank- 120 Gallon, Fork Lift- CAT New Battery | Fork Extensions Weight 7280 w/battery, Cantilever Tower Rack- 12' vertical (4) 30" arms (10), Cantilever Tower Rack- 12' vertical (3) 36" arms (15), Steel Rack (Orange)- 48 x 152 Verticals (6) and 9' Horizontals (24), Dust Collection Unit- Torit Downflow with Extra Filters, Tear Drop Rack System- 12' vertical (3) 10' Horizontals (6), Metal Rack System- Vertical stand, HVAC Piping- Piping, 2009 Mitsubishi Fuso - Boxtruck ( DOESN'T RUN! will be towed) Diesel, Automatic,   VIN:JL6DFM1E39K000004, Pinch Roller - non operational, Flat Screen Television- LG 42" #42LB1DR-UA with remote control, Office Chairs- Red pattern upholstered. Quantity 6, Servo Drive Motors- Axor CD 18015/30 Quantity 2 (Condition undetermined), Office Chairs- Quantity (15), 3 Ring Binders- Quantity (15), I.T. Accessories       Switches, Hubs, Ethernet chords, USB chords, Audio & Video Cables, Optical Mouses, Computer Monitors- Quantity (9) from 27" to 12", Three Computers- HP SlimLine 270-p033w, HP Pro 3500 series, Lenovo H320, Laptop Computers- Acer Aspire (2), HP Compaq mini, Microsoft Servers- (2) Dell Poweredge (1) Antec, Computers- HP Small Form Factor (XP) Quantity 8, Office Equipment- Shredder, Fax, Keyboards, Calculators, Surge Protectors.CPU Fan (in box), CNC Drives- 4 Drives for CNC (Busellato & Giben) See Photos for Specs, Wheels    Assorted Sizes (23), 1/4" tempered Glass- 11 5/16" x 18 1/4" (8) | 22"x28" (1)  | 17"x38 5/16" (12), Misc. Cabinet Hardware               Binning Strips, Glove Dispensers, Spray Bottles, Acrylic Standoffs, Misc. Hardware Plastic Adjustable Table Legs |14"  Pocket Door Hardware., Assorted Cabinet Legs- 2 Boxes Various Sizes w Adjustable Plastic Feet, Grommets- Assorted sizes and colors, Cabinet Pulls- Hafele 6.25" Wire Pulls (200) | Top Knobs 6 5/16" Bar Pulls (21), Locks- Assorted Brands and Keys, Glue and Lubricants- Assorted, Hinges              Assorted Sizes (20 pairs), Assorted Screws- Various Sizes (too many to count), Adjustable Cabinet Feet, File Clips, Cabinet Hardware- Euro Bi-Fold Hinges(20), Friction Catches(200), Roller Catches(170), Granite In-Wall Brackets- 12" Black (8), Countertop Supports- 21" White (6), Countertop Supports- 18" Black & White (15), 24" (1) 12"(4), Granite In-Wall Brackets- 24" (12) 30"(6), Trash Can Hardware Cabinetry- Knap & Vogt 22" Deep (2), Wine Bottle holders- Black Wire (155), Misc. Cabinet Pulls- 100s different sizes, styles, and finishes, Coat Hooks and Hanging Pins- Qty 58, Trash Can Hardware & Grommets- White Cans (3) Misc. Hardware & 6" Grommets(6), Countertop Supports- Various Sizes White and Black (13), Countertop Supports- 19" Black (7), Table Legs- 36" Hafele (4), Table Legs- 40" Hafele (12), Table Legs- Assorted Brands & Sizes (14), Misc. Shelving Hardware- Hardware, Stainless Steel Sink- Elkay Undermount 18"x23", Solid Surface Sink- Undermount 20"x20", Stainless Steel Sink- Undermount 18"x23" , Stainless Steel Sink- Drop-in Bar style 15"x15", Ceramic Sink - Undermount Oval 20"Widex16"Deep, Stainless Steel Sink- Drop-in Double Bowl 33"wide x 22" deep, Corian Sink- Undermount 20"widex16"Deep, Stainless Steel Sink- Undermount Oval Sinks 18"wide x 14'Deep, Stainless Steel Sink- Undermount Kohler 20"x20", Porcelain Sink - Undermount Oval, Acrylic Sink- 36"wide x 21" deep,       , Euro Hinges- Large Assortment, Air Filters- Quantity (9), Wood Glue- Titebond 12 gallons, Florescent Light Casings           White 2'x4' (2), Shelf Clips w Cart- Bainbridge 5mm Shelf Clips with rolling cart (300), Grass Drawer Hardware            On the rack, Metal Drawer Hardware- Unigrass 6136-550 77 pairs & 6136-510 182pairs, Metal Drawer Hardware- Zbox 6023 (550s and 470s) 20 boxes, Metal Drawer Hardware- Unigrass 6036-550 Qty 50, Metal Drawer Hardware- Unigrass 6436-440 Qty 30, 3mm PVC rolls           Assorted (100+), Postform Countertops- Assortment, Formica Laminate- See List, Pionite   Pionite, Nevamar Laminate- See List, Designer Laminate- See List, Wilsonart Laminate- See List, Slat Board- Metal Inserts, Assorted Solid Surface- 15 Sheets Approx. 30"x144", Assorted Solid Surface- 60 pieces Various sizes, Shelving Materials- 4 sets of shelves, I.T. Equipment- TimeTrax EZ (timecard), Lorex DVR, Brother label printer, Star Tech HD Cloner, Switch & Ram- CardsHP Procurve smart switch with Various RAM cards and batteries. Blank Disks., Computer & Printer- HP Pavillion, HP Laser Jet Pro (with extra ink cartridge), Wooden Chairs               Quantity 5, Misc. Tools & Supplies- Screw Box with Assort. Screws, Square Tips, Phillips etc. Spring Hinges, Bosch Screw Gun, Misc. Fasteners        Screws, Staples, Washers, Blades, Misc. Supplies     Spray Bottles, Air Hoses, Ring Clamps, Paints, Glues, Caulk, Propane tanks, Dustpans,Bondo, Misc. Cabinet Hardware, Screw Caps, Zargen Drawer Dampers, Coat Rod Flanges, Keku Clips, Adj. Feet, Hinge Restrictors, level, Appliances- (2) Microwave ovens, Brother Label printer (with labels) Flourescent Blacklite, Filter Material- (1) Roll  4ft Tall  x 14" Diameter Approx 3/4" thick, Hydraulic Cylinders- 2 with hose one without, Filters for Dust Collector- Qty 17,

    Additional Information

    Auction Preview: June 15th 10AM-2:00 & June 20th 2PM-4PM 

    Auction Pick up: Wednesday June 22nd 10AM-2PM & Thursday June 23rd 10AM-4PM 

    Auction Terms: Items Located at 540 Ransdell Road Lebanon, Indiana All Payments Due by Thursday June 23rd @ 2:00PM EST.  All descriptions believed accurate but not waranteed. * Bidder inspection is encouraged. * By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. * All Items Sold AS-IS no warranty guaranteed! * The auction company reserves the right to reject any bid at our sole discretion. *Online Buyers Premium on a PER ITEM basis $1-$10,000 is 15% $10,000 & Up Is 10% Large items rigging will be at buyers expense.  All statements made the day of auction take precedence over all written matter. All Removal of items are at the buyers risk, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS Auctioneers License: Josh Krueckeberg (AU19800008 AC31500055) 

    LAMINQUE, INC. Keith Hammer - Owner

    Trevor Gray Auctioneer & Real Estate Broker
    Josh Krueckeberg Owner, Realtor & Auctioneer