Key has significant expertise in the planning, promotion, and management of plant- and store-closing events in connection with foreclosures, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, divestitures, and Chapter 11 proceedings. Key can provide a guaranteed financial result where required by the seller. Our goal is to ensure our partners understand and realize the underlying value of their assets.


Key has extensive experience in the sale of inventory and furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E), on both a commission and a guaranteed-dollar basis. We also provide solutions for surplus real estate resulting from plant- and store-closing events. Our veteran staff consists of seasoned asset disposition experts.

Bulk Sales

Let Key partner with you in liquidating excess inventory, allowing you and your sales team to focus on growing your business. Through our marketing network we are able to maximize the value of your excess inventory. Whatever your needs, Key has a proven track record of successful liquidations ranging from multiple warehouses nationwide to brokering deals for truckload quantities. We can act as a broker, consultant, or purchase the inventory outright and ship it directly to our warehouses. Whatever our role, Key works with management to protect one of your most important assets: brand image.