Distressed Business Brokerage

A business loses significant value the moment it closes. Key specializes in selling distressed businesses before they are forced to close. We quickly assess business value, locate prospective buyers, and create a competitive bidding process. Depending on the situation, the bidding process might include a sealed-bid auction, a live-telephone auction, or a multi-tiered bidding process. Due diligence is rapid and the assets are sold “as is, where is.” We can usually complete the entire process in a matter of weeks, and sometimes just days. The process invariably produces a greater return than auctioning assets after the business has closed.


  • Determine company value
  • Develop an exit strategy
  • Conduct buyer searches
  • Expose the business to prospective buyers
  • Screen buyers for ability to complete a purchase
  • Coordinate negotiations and provide deal structuring advice
  • Provide overall deal management to guide the client through the process
  • Maintain confidentiality of the sale